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Music Director Colin Harrison

Colin Harrison is one of our original Savannah Storm members. He continued his barbershop leadership by becoming a founding member of Georgia Southern University’s Barbershop Chorus. Now, graduated from Georgia Southern, Colin has returned to his hometown, and become the new director of 13th Colony Sound.

Chapter President Art Marble

Art Marble, a retired physicist/rocket scientist, went from calculating trajectories to ringing chords. Long-time bass of Fully Invested quartet. Once under his leadership, the lead section sang an entire song on-key!

Board of Directors

Secretary – William Weaver

Treasurer – Robert Kearns

VP Music & Performance – Robert Kearns

VP Chapter Development – Bill Friend

VP Marketing & Events – Thom Greenlaw

Show Chairman – Richard Towns

VP IT & Website – Nathan Daniel

HOD Delegate – George Gratton

Member at Large – Joe Ryan

Member at Large – Ron Altman

Chapter Historian – Derek Ball